Web Design

Basic Web Design
Basic websites designed to give information about a business, company or individual with basic functions like contact form. We develop these on CMS platfroms e.g WordPress, Drupal e.t.c
E-commerce Web Design
As the world moves from the analog way of doing business, we help clients develop online shops where they can sell physical and digital products with full integration of local and international payment systems e.g Mpesa, Visa, MasterCard e.t.c
Custom Coded Websites / Apps
As one of the top web designers in Kenya, Impress Creations helps clients develop custom website designed to perform a specific business function, this varies widely depending on the industry involved
Blog Design
Being a leading web design company in Kenya and beyond, we also develop beautiful blogs,designed to pass your message in the best light possible and to match the business model whether it’s online ads or otherwise.
Portfolio Design
We also help creatives or service providers develop portfolios to showcase their work. As the leading web designers in Kenya, you can be sure we will show your work in the best light possible.
Content Creation
We know the web can be a dark place and to be found on search engine, you need optimized content. With proper research, we help our clients develop optimized content that also passes their message across.

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Why work with us?

They say you only get to make a first impression once. At Impress Creations, we understand this too well. Therefore, we endeavour to make beautiful websites that will leave a lasting impression. We also know beautiful is not enough, it’s got to work as it’s supposed to. This is where our handy technical skills come into play. Trust the top web designers in Kenya to make your website for you. You’ll wish you had done it earlier!


Think of your website as your sales person, a superman who can interact with a myriad of potential customers throughout the globe all at once. It is exactly that. Having this in mind, we develop websites that are custom made to fit your specific business needs. At Impress Creations, we are also passionate about creating strong brands. We therefore ensure our websites serve to grow your brand.


Your clients should be able to engage and connect with your brand.At Impress Creations, we do exactly this. Our professional Kenyan web design services make it possible for your company to present your message in a unique and powerful way. As top web designers in Kenya we know how establish brands in the digital age through creative web solutions. The websites we design serve as powerful tools to our clients.

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Responsive Website Design In Nairobi, Kenya

We are a Nairobi based company, an expert in providing mobile responsive websites. Having a responsive website is paramount in this age. About 60% people accessing the web today do so through mobile devices. We therefore create websites that follow the current trend and are usable in all devices. Contact Impress Creations for web design services!

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We Develop The Best Possible Solution
  • We have more than 10 years of experience
  • All work is done in-house by the group of skilled and experienced professionals
  • We are rated as among the top web designers in Kenya
  • We produce beautiful websites with easy to understand UIs
  • We have 5 star rating on google and our social media platforms
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Don't Miss Out On Business

Within a few seconds of a customer landing on your website, they either decide if they are going to stay or if they will leave. You might be losing on business just because your website does not give a clear representation of what your website is.This is a lost opportunity. Don’t miss out on these potential customers. Impress Creations is the home to experienced website design professionals. We understand the importance of high quality, interesting websites. We ensure that you stand out from competition through effective websites.

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